Press releases

KLP withdraws investments in oil sands

Anne Kvam, leder for ansvarlige investeringer i KLP

KLP has decided to exclude companies that have significant revenues from oil sand. At the same time KLP will increase investments in renewable energy corresponding to that which is withdrawn from coal and oil sand.

Last modified 04.12.2017

KLP includes four companies, excludes three


KLP has revoked the exclusion of AGL Energy, Alstom, Chevron, and L-3 Technologies from KLP and the KLP Funds' investments. In addition, KLP has excluded two new coal companies and one tobacco company.

Last modified 31.05.2017

KLP excludes ten new companies

Profilbilde jente brygge

KLP has decided to exclude PetroChina Co. Ltd. and Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. due to the risk of gross corruption and serious environmental damage, respectively. Eight coal companies are also excluded, and KLP has changed the rationale for...

Last modified 11.05.2017

A good start of the year

Sverre Thornes barcode

• good returns in the first quarter • good growth and profitability in the subsidiaries

Last modified 16.03.2017

KLP excludes companies involved in Dakota Access Pipeline

In light of the most recent developments around the Dakota Access Pipeline, KLP has decided to exclude the companies Energy Transfer Partners, Phillips 66, Enbridge Inc. and Marathon Petroleum Corporation from its investments due to an unacceptable...

Published 20.02.2017

Good 2016 results for KLP

- A good fourth quarter also contributed to a strong result for the year - More than NOK 4 billion of the profit is issued as dividend to customers, to be transferred to the customer premium fund - High growth and profitability in the...

Published 08.12.2016

Nine companies out – one back in

Jeanett Bergan

From June to December this year, KLP has excluded nine new companies. One previously excluded company has been reincluded because it is no longer involved in tobacco production.

Published 03.11.2016

Strong third quarter 2016 result for KLP

• Good returns during third quarter • The financial strength to face challenging capital markets • Good growth and profitability for subsidiaries

Published 18.08.2016

Good second-quarter result for KLP

• Good returns despite unsettled equity markets • A sound position for facing challenging capital markets • Growth in the subsidiaries

Last modified 22.06.2016

36 new companies excluded, 1 reincluded

From December 2015 to June 2016, KLP has excluded a further 36 companies. 31 of the companies have been excluded with reference to the coal criterion; two companies have been excluded for corruption and one for violation of other ethical norms; one...

Last modified 12.05.2016

Steady course in uneasy financial markets

• Satisfactory returns despite uneasy equity markets • Solid financial buffers to face challenging capital markets • Growth in daughter companies

Last modified 04.03.2016



Published 19.02.2016

Holding a steady course in choppy financial markets

Despite unstable financial markets and persistently low interest rates KLP produced good results for 2015.

Published 23.12.2015

FSAN approves supplementary capital in Tier 2 capital under Solvency II

The FSAN recognizes KLPs not-paid-in equity contribution as well as not-paid-in contribution in accordance with the right to call in capital to cover capital deficiencies, as supplementary capital counting as Tier 2 capital under Solvency II.

20 new companies excluded, 4 companies included

20 new companies are excluded from KLP's investments from December. Twelve companies are excluded due to over 30 percent of revenues from coal-based activities, four due to serious environmental damage, three for association to nuclear weapons...

Last modified 25.01.2016

Weak financial markets, good financial strength

Low interest rates and lower prices in the equity markets have an impact on results for the third quarter. This underlines the importance of retaining solid financial buffers in the Company in order to withstand negative volatility in the market.

Last modified 19.08.2015

Strong customer growth, strengthened solvency

KLP presents a half-year result in line with expectations and during which the Company has strengthened solvency after a period of strong customer growth.

Last modified 11.06.2015

Ten new companies excluded

A further 10 companies are to be excluded from KLP’s investment portfolios with effect from June. Five companies are being excluded on the grounds of their income from coal-based operations, two companies for violations of ethical norms, one for...

Published 13.05.2015

Solid quarter for KLP

KLP delivers solid returns during the first quarter. Large transfer of new customers completed also this quarter. A total of 292 000 individuals have come to KLP since 2013.

Published 29.04.2015

KLP ranked among world's best on climate

In the third annual survey assessing the world’s largest investors on climate risk management, KLP is ranked number two globally and is one of only eight investors to achieve a triple A rating.

Published 26.02.2015

Good results and large inward transfers

KLP can point to good results for 2014 with good returns, low costs and large inward transfers of new customers.

Last modified 01.12.2014

31 new companies excluded

Four new companies are excluded from KLP’s investment portfolio with effect from 1 December 2014. In addition, KLP is excluding 27 coal companies. On the other hand, Yahoo’s exclusion has now been rescinded.

Last modified 20.11.2014

KLP boosts investment in renewables and reduces in coal

KLP has decided to invest NOK 500 million more in increased renewable energy capacity. At the same time, it is pulling out of companies which derive a large proportion of their revenues from coal. KLP is doing this because it wishes to contribute to...

Published 05.11.2014

Large inflow to KLP

Once again KLP is able to refer to considerable inflow in the third quarter. Sixteen municipalities and around 150 enterprises became customers of KLP during the quarter. This represents an inflow of NOK 10.4 billion.

A good half year for KLP

KLP is able to refer to good financial results and major transfers in by new customers during the first half year 2014. Forty-two local authorities and around fifty enterprises with a total of more than 100,000 new members became KLP customers...

Large influx to KLP

Sverre Thornes

KLP can point to good results and strong growth for the first quarter of 2014. The quarter has been marked by a major influx of new customers, which is manifested in the accounts for the first quarter.

A record year for KLP

KLP achieved good results for 2013. Good returns, low costs and new customers are moving to KLP in great numbers. For the fifth consecutive year, KLP has the best value-adjusted returns of the companies competing in the public sector occupational...

Seven new companies excluded

Seven new companies is excluded from KLP's investment as of December. Toyota is included.

Strong returns empower

KLP's good results during 2013 empower the Company to strengthen its longevity reserves. Almost 50 local authorities are expected to move their pension schemes to KLP as early as at the start of next year.

Strong improvements in climate reporting

84% of total market capitalisation on the Nordic indices report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and efforts to tackle climate change to investors through CDP, the only global environmental disclosure system.

Good half year for KLP

KLP continues its good trend into 2013. The company is able to point to good returns, low costs and considerable inward transfers of new customers.

Solid result for KLP

KLP can point to good results for 2012 with good returns, low costs and substantial inward transfers of new customers. For the fourth year in a row KLP has the best value-adjusted return among the companies competing in the public sector...

Solid quarter for KLP

KLP is able to point to good results. The Company produced a 5.3 per cent (value-adjusted) return after the third quarter. Book return ended at 3.2 per cent.