Working at KLP

Working at KLP

Varied internal job market

At KLP there is a wide variety of work assignments and areas of expertise that provide a varied internal job market for our employees.

Our core areas are pensions and insurance. In addition there are specialist areas in accounting/economics/finance/administration, IT and marketing/communications.

KLP’s employees live by the company values; open, clear, responsible and committed and try to fulfill KLP’s vision; to be the best partner for the days to come.

  • Competative salary
  • Flextime and summertime
  • Good staff insurances and pension schemes
  • Good conditions on mortgages/saving accounts/debit accounts,
    fund savings and insurances.
  • Financial support for education
  • Holiday residencies in Norway and Spain
  • An active company sports club
  • Subsidised staff restaurant

Three of our employees:

Alexander Vistnes

Alexander Vistnes is the head of the Commercial Department of KLP Skadeforsikring, and has worked at KLP since May 2006.

"I got a very good impression in my first meeting with KLP and can identify with the values that the Group stands for."

Day-to-day Alexander and his department sell insurance solutions to the commercial segment in Norway. They are responsible for reaching their sales targets as well as providing customers with a good adviser.

"I have an exciting job at KLP. There are great development opportunities within the KLP system - and the internal job market is good. I feel that I have a flexible employer and good terms and conditions - it is a workplace that is compatible with my role as the father of small children," says Alexander Vistnes.

Jeanett Bergan

Jeanett Bergan started at KLP in April 2007 and is the head of Responsible Investment at KLP Kapitalforvaltning.

"My job is about making sure that the assets KLP is managing, on behalf of its customers and owners, are not invested in companies that breach human rights, indulge in corruption or in some other way behave contrary to KLP's policy for responsible investment," she says.

"As an active and responsible owner and investor, KLP uses its voting rights in almost 2000 companies worldwide and seeks other initiatives to influence companies towards sustainable value creation.

"Absolutely the best thing about working in a company that has a strong commitment to corporate responsibility is that it influences the whole organisation and makes us, as employees, proud of our workplace and what KLP stands for."

Stephan Hüber

Stephan Hüber graduated in health management and economics at the University of Oslo and has worked in the Health Enterprise Team at KLP since 2007.

"It’s fun to be able to work with not just one, but virtually all the health enterprises, as well as some private and charitable institutions," says Stephan Hüber. One of the main tasks is to ensure that both the management and the employees in the health enterprises receive good service from their pension provider.

"The health enterprises represent the majority of KLP's largest single customers. With the new pension reform and continual focus on savings within the health service it is an exciting time to work on pensions and economics.”

Stephan finds there are good opportunities for further personal development and that it is a good and inclusive work environment.

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